FB group notifications

This is a CHROME ADDON, UI is written in Angular 4, this is currently being reviewed will share the link when it’s live 🙂 Repository is private…

Tomorrow Times

This is a Q-A app that allows users to predict the events. So at the time of answering we don’t know if the answer is right or wrong. It’s a fantastic app that uses FACEBOOK GRAPH API and WP REST API 🙂 Repository for this is private

Angular Attack Hackathon 2016

Participated in ANGULARATTACK HACKATHON to develop app in 48 hours 🙂 It was a lot of fun 😀 Some reviews attached 🙂 This app is not working coz backend isn’t hosted anymore. This is where I came to to about the wonderful Angular CLI 🙂


This is an ecommerce app that runs on WordPress with WooCommerce as a theme. This is from the beta days of angular 2 days.